Billings man behind bars after bad LSD experience

An alleged LSD trip ended badly for a Billings man on Saturday after he reportedly hit another man in the head with a baseball bat, then was tased by Bozeman Police after acting aggressively.

Kerby Gabriel Hostetler, 21, was charged with assault with a weapon and faces a $50,000 bond.

At Justice Court this morning, the public defender said of Hostetler: “He was not in his right mind,” and Judge Bryan Adams agreed. “Obviously (the) situation was out of control.”

According to charging documents, Bozeman Police responded to a disturbance on So. 15th and located a man bleeding from the head and an agitated Hostetler. Hostetler refused to comply with officers and rushed an officer. He was taken into custody with the use of a Taser.

The victim told officers that he had been visiting a friend, who was also being visited by Hostetler. According to the victim, Hostetler and the man ingested a substance they believed to be lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).

Hostetler then became upset with the victim and his friend, arming himself with a metal baseball bat, stating: “Just do it.”

When the victim told him to stop, Hostetler allegedly struck him on the forehead with the bat. The victim began to bleed immediately and told officers he was in fear he would be killed. His friend came to his aid and restrained Hostetler.

Hostetler reportedly told an officer that he was planning on ingesting LSD, but became paranoid that the victim and his friend were going to assault him after he ingested the drug.

Hostetler also told the officer that he was on probation, but admitted to using marijuana and alcohol.

Hostetler’s victim suffered lacerations, bruising, swelling and a skull fracture in the attack.

According to Capt. Ryan Stratman of the Missouri River Drug Task Force, law enforcement does not see a lot of acid use in Gallatin County.

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